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I love my business. I photograph people in love and I capture the season of life that they are in. I deeply appreciate and value storytelling and think it's the most important part of shooting. I want to tell your story, and I want you to look at your photos and f e e l something. 

I thrive telling stories and harvesting memories — providing photos that you will hang up on walls and show to your grandchildren some day. Showing, and making you feel how beautiful you are is my passion. 

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Hannah Conti

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I live for your sweetest moments 

You know memories are important. You value quality time together, the "in-between" moments, and the conversations filled with heartfelt connection. You want something that'll last forever, something that you, your children, and even your grandchildren can look at fondly, laugh at the shenanigans, and smile at the happiness. The photos I can provide of your relationship will be the perfect way to capture those moments and memories you value so highly. Sound like something you relate to? Then we’re a great fit :)

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People come and go, but memories are forever. I want you to be able to look back on that day, and be put right back in that moment. To truly feel the joy and happiness you experienced then. Storytelling is my passion, my top priority. I don't just want to capture the moment, but I want to capture the feeling, and the emotion too To bring your love story to life. I want to be the third wheel on your next date night. I want to be your new friend that can have a conversation with you because we have so much in common. I want to really learn about you, and I want you to be comfortable enough, and trust me enough to tell me your story. This way, I can capture, and tell your story the way I see it. 

I want my clients to be THEMSELVES. Not doing what everyone else on Instagram is doing, but creating their own story. Doing their own thing. 

I believe your love deserves to be captured in a genuine + authentic way.

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You two together is your own little piece of art. At least that’s how I see it! So with that being said, I don’t want to try & copy someone else’s art. You are your own two people, & how you interact together should be captured purely. Your wedding is so much more to me than the classic poses that go on Grandma’s fridge. You aren’t robots, so I won’t pose you like one!

If you want me to make sure you look absolutely perfect every second, we may not be the best fit. That’s ok with me! I'd rather edit your stray eyelash away later. You deserve to have the best experience on your day, & I want to be there if I can provide that. Don’t get me wrong though, if there’s something in your teeth or your hair is having a real tough time I got you! As long as the joy & love comes naturally, you’re gonna look freaking good.

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